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Proceso Cartera Reciclada Vegana ZERO

ZERO, the wallet that recycles plastic.

+Simple =
- Material

The ZERO is designed to offer plenty of storage capacity while taking up little space.

49€ 39€


With each purchase of a ZERO, you collaborate with one of the following associations.

Which one? You choose

Plant-for-the-Planet Cartera reciclada vegana


Planting trees for a better world

Plant-for-the-Planet is a children’s initiative that promotes the leadership and active participation of children and young people as Ambassadors for Climate Justice, promoting and supporting their involvement as actors of real and future changes for mitigation and adaptation to climate change and sustainable reforestation of the planet.

This global movement was created by Felix Finkbeiner in 2007 who, at only 9 years old, was commissioned to work in his school on Climate Change. Felix realized that «the adults were doing nothing and the children had to take action!»

He convinced other children in his school to start fighting the Climate Crisis and start planting trees and giving lectures to other children and adults. Felix himself even went so far as to speak before the plenary of the United Nations and the European Commission.

Buy Zero and choose Plant-For-The-Planet

Our goal is to plant 1,000 trees

Anima Naturalis Cartera Reciclada Vegana ZERO

Anima Naturalis

For the defence of animal rights

En construcción

Sharuk Cartera Reciclada Vegana ZERO


Because we all have a recognized identity

1100 million people live without a recognized identity. The lack of identity makes them invisible. Being invisible to the law means not having rights.

In Sharuk we solve the problem from the root, we work to create a solution that guarantees the right to identity through a flexible, inclusive and global birth registration system.

We have been working for nine months in India, supporting the current registration process, with the purchase of Zero helps more and more children live a safer present and a future with opportunities.

Buy Zero and choose Sharuk.

Our goal is to register 20 children with Sharuk


Love details?

ZERO is the first recycled and vegan handbag made with love by Artisans in the heart of India.

49€ 39€

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